Sandy shares Pizza with children at Pattaya Orphanage on his birthday


10 April 2023 – Thai racing driver Sandy Kraokaew Stuvik (Thai GT3 Champion in 2019, 2020, 2022), recently visited the Pattaya Orphanage to celebrate his 28th birthday by sharing happiness and deliciousness to the children with hot and fresh pizzas from The Pizza Company, one of Sandy’s main sponsors.


The Pattaya Orphanage has been running since 1974 and provides care and support to orphaned children, with particular focus on each child’s academic studies. The Orphanage is currently home to 160 children, from as young as newly-borns all the way up to university students.








“It was an honour to visit the Pattaya Orphanage today and when you see all the children they have supported, I felt very grateful to be a small part in their never-ending love and care to all these children. I hope everyone enjoyed the pizzas and I look forward to coming back soon!” Says Sandy.


Sandy Kraokaew Stuvik is honored to be supported by The Pizza Company, B-Quik, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Jet8 Aviation, Thai Airways, 4F, Dacon Trading, Thaiwings Travel Agency, the Sports Authority of Thailand, and the Royal Automobile Association of Thailand.

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