Sandy races the Next-Gen Ford Ranger in TSS Opener 2023

Thai racing driver Sandy Kraokaew Stuvik has been representing Ford Thailand on the track since 2020. Sandy will continue his representation of the blue oval this year,   and action kicks off this weekend (20-23 April) at the B-Quik Thailand Super Series season opener in Buriram, Thailand.

“I’m proud to be back in blue this year with Ford, where once again we will fight for the championship in our Next-Gen Ford Ranger by Aurora by Ford Thailand Racing. I am happy to see more Ford pickups on the grid, and I hope we  can grow our family more in the years to come.” Says Sandy. After finishing as Vice Champion last season, Sandy is eager to get back on track to fight for victory.



Sandy Kraokaew Stuvik is honored to be supported by The Pizza Company, B-Quik, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Jet8 Aviation, Thai Airways, 4F, Dacon Trading, Thaiwings Travel Agency, the Sports Authority of Thailand, and the Royal Automobile Association of Thailand.

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