Sandy Kraokaew Stuvik back in action at Buriram

Professional Thai racing driver Sandy Kraokaew Stuvik will be contesting the 3rd event of the Thailand Super Series 2022 at Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand, on the 28th – 30th October. Sandy is currently in 2nd  position in the overall Championship standings.

Thailand Super Series will host the 3rd event of the season at Buriram’s Chang International Circuit during the final weekend of October. Thai racing driver Sandy Kraokaew Stuvik will be sharing the driving duties of his Audi R8 GT3 Evo II with Malaysian racing driver Akash Nandy. The pair have had a consistent string of 2nd place finishes this season, narrowly missing out on the win on each occasion. The duo will once again be racing for B-Quik Absolute Racing Team. This will be the penultimate round of the Thailand Super Series 2022, a crucial time for team’s and driver’s alike as they all fight to collect as many points as possible in the lead up to the final round which is set to take place in December.

“This will be an important round for us, I am eager to be racing at Buriram again and the pairing of myself and Akash has proven to be a consistently potent threat to our competitors. I have full faith in my team B-Quik Absolute Racing, and I know they will provide an immaculate racing car as always. Now we are planning our strategy for the races, and I will be giving it everything to be back on the top step of the podium.” Says Sandy.

Sandy Kraokaew Stuvik is honored to be supported by The Pizza Company, B-Quik, Audi Sport Asia, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Jet8 Aviation, Thai Airways, Hype Thailand, Dacon Trading, Thaiwings Travel Agency, the Sports Authority of Thailand, and the Royal Automobile Association of Thailand.

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