Honda Accord Hybrid 2019

Honda Accord Hybrid 2019

Tech Specs

  • Engine – 2.0L Inline 4 DOHC i-VTEC
  • Power – 145hp (215hp combined with hybrid motors)
  • Torque – 175Nm
  • Drivetrain – FWD
  • Gross Weight – 1568kg

I had a pleasure of joining renowned automotive tester and influencer K. Lumyong of Daily News on a test-drive of the brand-new Honda Accord Hybrid 2019, full option model. We drove it through urban areas and motorways just outside of the bustling city of Bangkok.


As I walked up to this car for the first time, what I noticed immediately was the pronounced front end which excellently blends the headlights into the grille. I admired this striking appearance and can easily see the continuity of Honda’s new line of cars which all share a similar front end. This presence truly lets you know that you are looking at a Honda, be it a Civic, CRV, or in my case, the Accord. However, moving to the rear, I feel that this generation of the Accord has lost some sense of individuality with the Civic-esque tail lights. To me it looks like a long Civic, and not a luxurious cruiser which the Accord really is.



Sitting in the car you feel both welcome and familiar to the simple but elegant Honda interior, but you get the feeling that this one has a bit more to offer in terms of technology. This is thanks to the retouched dashboard and Heads Up Display. The finish is great, and the touch and feel of the buttons, wheel, and console feel like they are built to last. The leather seats are very comfortable and fairly wide, making getting in and out of the car an ease.



I was initially quite excited to try out Honda’s hybrid supported engine, as I previously have only had experience in its main competitor: the Toyota Camry Hybrid. So, I was keen to see what kind of oomph the 2019 Honda Accord had to offer. While traveling at low speeds or from stationary, the hybrid motors contribute a fair amount of power, but less than expected. When you start traveling at motorway speeds, there is much less contribution from the hybrid motors, and then you’re just left with a small engine churning out 145hp, which in this car, really isn’t enough. On the bright side, once you’ve gotten up to speed and the engine has settled down, the Accord is quiet, sedated, and a comfort to drive – and that’s exactly what it was made for. It’s a comfortable cruiser for long journeys, and that’s what we should let it be. Fuel consumption was as you’d expect from a hybrid, driving very economically you could stretch a tank to near 1000km.



Most buyers of the Honda Accord Hybrid 2019 are probably not too concerned about how the car handles or how much power it has, but for me, that is everything in a car. Although this car ticks many boxes, mostly with their numerous advanced driving assists, comfortable interior, and ease of use, it didn’t really give me any joy. I feel that the 145hp the engine produces is far too little for this car, and it quite frankly feels very slow. When you compare it to the direct competitor the Toyota Camry, which puts out near 180hp with their 2.5l engine, the Camry feels significantly faster.

I would like to give the Honda Accord Hybrid 2019 a 5/10 on my unofficial scores. I thought the interior was excellent, the technology packed into this car is great, all the different camera angles for parking and changing lanes are brilliant, but the lack of power was too much to ignore. If I had to choose between the Accord or the Camry, I’d probably pick the latter.

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