Sandy joins TSS Racing Academy’s (TRA) Formula car advanced course launch event as Instructor and B-Quik representative

On 8 Aug 2020 at  ฺBira Kart Circuit,Chonburi, Sandy attended the launch of an all-new Formula car driving course set to be organised by the TSS Racing Academy (TRA). Sandy will be one of the instructors for this new advanced driving course, having many years of experience in formula cars during his open-wheel racing career. Additionally, Sandy has been the Head Coach for F4 SEA since 2017, and will bring his knowledge of driver development with him to this new course.
Anybody interested in improving their abilities behind the wheel in both closed-wheel or open-wheel with professional instructors, organised by the best racing school in Thailand can simply contact the TSS Racing Academy facebook page for more details.
About TRA
The TSS Racing Academy (TRA) is an institution for learning and developing racing and driving skills on a closed circuit environment, instructed by professional drivers. The courses are approved by The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand (Under Royal Patronage) [RAAT]. TRA is managed by the Racing Spirit Company which also organizes and promotes the premier racing series in ASEAN: “Thailand Super Series”.
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