Ford Mustang GT 5.0

For one magical week, Ford Thailand lent me the Mustang GT to transport myself during the first round of the racing season. I drove the iconic car to and back from Buriram, encountering cities, motorways, and country roads. The sound of the thundering V8 still echoes in my mind to this day.


The Mustang needs no introduction, it is perhaps the most recognizable car in the world. With a long and rich history, the Mustang has an incredible reputation, and is loved by car-lovers all over the world. Distinctly American Muscle, the long hood housing the legendary V8 motor gives this car an aggressive look, with help from the angry headlights and grille. Towards the rear are the ever-distinguishable triple tail lights, with the Mustang badge. The GT Performance Pack comes with a small rear wing to aid stability at speed, and finishes the sporty look of the Mustang. After driving it, it’s one of those cars that you just have to stand back and look at.


Upon entering the car, it feels almost like a piece of updated history. The classic Mustang logo on the center of the steering wheel is very distinct. The wheel itself feels slightly thinner than a normal wheel, giving it the feel of the classic Mustangs which gave this car it’s fame. The center console features a large centre touch-screen, where you can adjust audio, climate, car apps, and the like. There are button controls for your media, and also button controls for the climate, so that these are always accessible. Below the screen there are some race-car like flip switches, for driving mode, steering mode, traction control, and hazard lights. These switches have a great feeling and really enhance the look of the center console. Next to these switches is also the start button. Then we have the gear selector, which is similar to most automatic cars. The dash cluster is a fully digital high-res screen, fully color-customizable. By switching the drive mode, the dash screen also changes to accommodate its respective drive mode. On the steering wheel, you’ll also notice a ‘Mustang’ button where you can navigate through the various Track Apps, like Line Lock for example. You can also select the adjustable-valve exhaust position from here. I had my exhaust set to ‘Track’ 99% of the time…

The car has 4 seats, but realistically, you can only fit 2 people inside. At 180cm, my driver seat was in a position that would not allow somebody to sit in the seat behind me. Making up for this however, is the boot space. This was perhaps one of the most impressive features of this car, you could fit just about anything (within reason) in there. I brought with me my massive race bag, a couple helmet bags, boxes of racing shoes, a medium sized suitcase, and a couple small suitcases, all of which fit in the boot. I didn’t need to put anything in the rear seats, which could easily fit another full-size bag.




Well, it’s not just a V8, it is the V8. This Coyote 5.0L motor produces 460hp and 529Nm of torque. In a car that doesn’t weigh too much, it’s a recipe for a very fast car. Not to mention the incredible sound from the V8, I was driving in pure ecstasy the entire time I was in this car. Being an enjoyable, sporty car, the suspension was quite stiff, as expected. This gives the car poise in the corners, however, the suspension is still a few years behind that of its German muscle competitors. But the Mustang more than makes up for this in pure power, and pure sound. No other car on the road comes close to the sound of this V8. After having driven multiple supercars, they have volume, but there is an indescribable euphoria when you put your foot down in the Mustang. I’m definitely a fan of American muscle, so to be able to drive the most quintessentially American muscle car of all time was an honor and a pleasure. The Mustang has all the driver assist features you’d expect from a modern car as well, like adaptive cruise control and adaptive headlights. Both worked very well, and when you want to relax, you can set it on cruise control, put the exhaust to ‘Quiet’ mode, and cruise along happily. While driving economically, you can stretch the 60-liter tank to around 500km. This figure definitely fluctuates, because once you put your foot down, you’ll be down a quarter of a tank almost instantly, so one must find a happy medium!




The Mustang is a car I’ve dreamt of for a very long time, so after having the chance to finally drive one and use it, my eyes have been opened to a few issues. The fuel economy surprisingly, is not one of them. If I actually owned the Mustang, I would be driving it quite economically for most of the time, so the mileage wouldn’t be too bad. The issue is actually owning it here in Thailand. With a price at just under 5 million THB, it simply isn’t worth the money – especially considering this car is sold at around 35k USD (1 million THB) in the States. Furthermore, I wasn’t a fan of the 10-speed gearbox, I would much prefer the manual 6-speed and truly have all that power in 6 gears. The throttle response is also slightly delayed in my opinion, and I’m not sure whether or not that is because of the transmission. This isn’t noticed in normal everyday driving, so not a big complaint, but very noticeable on the track.


They say never meet your heroes, but after meeting mine I just wish that it was more affordable here in Thailand. It was a very sad day handing back the keys to this Mustang, but I’m hopeful that one day in the future our paths will cross again. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, even comes close to the sound of this V8. When you start the car, there is a feeling like none other as you awaken the beast that lies within this car. This car only loses a point from me because of the price, due to the vehicle tax we have to live with here. I rate the Mustang GT 5.0 a 9/10, thank you for the best driving week of my life.


Tech Specs:

Engine – 5.0L V8

Power – 460hp

Torque – 529Nm

Drivetrain – RWD

Vehicle Weight – ca. 1,680kg


Special Thanks Ford Thailand


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