Sandy Nicholas Stuvik - On the way to F1...
Name Sandy Nicholas Stuvik
Born 11 April 1995
Nat. Thai/Norway
Started in Kart 2000 (at age 4)
First Kart Race 2002
Formula BMW 2009 (testing)
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2002 10th in Nat'nl Championship
2003 7th in Nat'nl Championship
2004 3rd in Nat'nl Championship
2005 5th in Nat'nl Championship
2006 Champion Bang Saen GP
2006 2nd in Nat'nl Championship
2007 Champion True Vision Jr
2007 2nd in SuperKart
2007 3rd in Nat'nl Championship
2008 Champion AKOC Max Jr
2008 2nd Thailand Rotax Max Jr
2008 2nd Thailand Rok Jr

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Sandy N. Stuvik
Tony Percy
Paul Kenny
Thomas Raldorf
Ray Macdonald


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17 Dec. 09 All the best Christmas and New Year wishes for you...

After a year of preparations and testing Sandy is looking forward to 2010 as his inaugural year racing in Formula cars. The first race will come already on the last weekend of January, so stay tuned for more information.

Sandy at Bira circuit, December 2009

In the meantime all the best wishes for the festive season and the coming New Year to all friends, supporters and sponsors and thank you for a great "testing" year 2009.

Sandy Nicholas Stuvik
....on the road to F1!


30 Nov. 09 Updates from Zhuhai, China

Sandy tested all day Sunday and Monday (29-30/11) with 4 sessions each day. Here's how the days went:

  Day 1 Lap Time   Day 2 Lap Time
  Practice 1 1:41:3   Practice 1 1:38:2
  Practice 2 1:38:4   Practice 2 1:37:8
  Practice 3 1:38:0   Practice 3 1:37:7
  Practice 4 1:37:0   Practice 4 1:37:5

So, after 2 days of Formula Renault testing Sandy got a best time of 1:37:0 and a theoretic best time of 1:36:9. How does this compare to the last Asian Formula Renault race of the season (Round 12), 2 weeks ago ? The fastest time posted during that race was 1:37:3...

21 Nov. 09 Sandy prepares for next round of Formula testing
Sandy ready for more Formula Renault
Sandy will again be back in China at the end of November for extended Formula Renault testing at Zhuhai. The aim is now to have Sandy "race ready" by January 2010.
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21 Nov. 09 Sandy featured in European Motorsport paper
Sandy featured in European Motorsporten
Sandy was featured with a large mid page article in the Norwegian racing paper "Motorsporten" in their November issue. The article describes Sandy's progression through karting and into Formula racing, with emphasis on his sponsors and race preparations.
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23 Oct. 09 Sandy testing Formula Renault in China
Sandy in Formula Renault at Zhuhai Circuit October 2009

Sandy finally found himself back in China at Guangdongs superb Zhuhai Circuit for a 2 day test in a Formula Renault with driver coaching by Philippe Descombes from Asia Racing Team (ART). He first was coached by Philippe at Zhuhai back in February, at that time in a Formula BMW.

Now, the Formula Renault is a bigger, more powerful and much faster car then the BMW, so Sandy was in for a steep learning curve. The Renault has 200 HP and weighs only 490 kg, accelerating it from 0-200 KPH in less then 10 seconds. A top speed of almost 250 KPH is also a big step up from the days of karting...

Sandy instantly fell in love with the car and grasped the characteristics of its driving style. No more just stomping the accelerator as in the Formula BMW. Here the accelerator must be carefully managed and the pitch of the car into, through and out of each corner becomes something of an art by hart.

Sandy in Formula Renault at Zhuhai Circuit October 2009

The team had set a target of getting down to 1 minute 40 times, although this would be a tough charge considering this the first outing in the car. Here is how it went:

Day 1  
Practice 1 1:43:2
Practice 2 1:42:5
Practice 3 1:42:6
Practice 4 1:42:2 (slight rain)
Day 2  
Practice 1 DNF, off into gravel on exit T9. Cold tires...
Practice 2 1:40:6
Practice 3 1:40:8
Practice 4 DNF, off into gravel on entry T7. Lock up...
Day 3
Practice 1 1:40:2
Practice 2 1:39:1

Then ART offered Sandy another day of testing, for free and in a full race spec car, as opposed to the slightly detuned school car Sandy earlier drove. So the team quickly got itself reorganized and stayed for another day.

Come day 3 and there were now 10 Formula Renaults practicing for the weekends race, so plenty of opportunity to gauge oneself against some of the "opposition". The first session was interrupted by several red flags, but Sandy was clearly fastest of all cars on track posting times down to 1:40.2.

The final session saw less interruptions and Sandy started laying down faster and faster laps, easily being the fastest car on the circuit. His last lap was his fastest with a 1:39:1. This time was posted on worn out Michelin tires versus most other cars on the faster Kumho tires.

So, a fantastic few days in an awesome car with a very good team must be the conclusion to this test. A very big thank you to Philippe Descombes at ART for his professional and non compromising coaching and improvement in Sandy's racing skills.

Sandy in Formula Renault at Zhuhai Circuit October 2009
Sandy at the breaking point for Zhuhai's T9, well over 200 KPH.
Sandy at pit stop getting instructions from coach Philippe Descombes
Philippe instructing Sandy in the pit lane at Zhuhai
Sandy waiting to go in the race spec car, October 2009
Sandy rearing to get out on track in the full spec Formula Renault.
23 Oct. 09 Sandy listed as reserve for 2010 BMW Scholarship

BMW announced the winners of the 2010 scholarship as Jesse Dixon from Australia and Kotaro Sakurai from Japan. Sandy was listed as a reserve for the scholarship.

Sandy congratulates Jesse and Kotaro with their scholarships and wish them the best for the 2010 Formula BMW championship.

26 Sep. 09 Sandy Nicholas Stuvik at Sepang testing with Eurasia

Sandy signed up for 2 days of testing with the Eurasia team in August and enjoyed practicing on Sepang's North Track, while getting to know both the circuit and the Formula BMW car better.

Mark Goddard and Martin Quick provided excellent driver training and coaching during the event, which saw Sandy gradually improving both car handling and lap times.

Luckily there were variations in the weather allowing for both dry and wet track practice. The torrential downpour was at times too heavy for on track activity, but as soon as it was just "normal" rain, Sandy again took to the track, setting excellent times in the wet.

The testing was made to allow both for some more car and track time ahead of the BMW scholarship test, as well as for the team to learn more about the Formula BMW series.

Although the Sepang Circuit is a fairly high G force load circuit, Sandy found himself able to push and improve steadily over the 2 days, again confirming that his fitness program works well both for stamina and strength.

The team from Eurasia did an impressive job in monitoring and coaching and Sandy is very gratefully for all the knowledge he gained and want to thank Team Eurasia/Goddard for their professionalism and race dedication.


24 Sep. 09 Interview with Sandy in popular DiChan magazine
Sandy Nicholas Stuvik in DiChan Magazine, September 2009
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14 Sep. 09 Sandy hits the cover of Bangkok Car magazine
Sandy in Bkk Car Magazine
Sandy in Bkk Car Magazine
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Sandy Nicholas Stuvik's, Thomas Raldorf and Ray Macdonald from the Pizza Company Race Team was the cover story for Bangkok Car magazine in their September issue.

4 Sep. 09 Formula BMW Scholarship test

Sandy Nicholas Stuvik at 2009 Formula BMW Test

2009 Formula BMW Scholarship Test at Sepang Circuit

Sandy Nicholas Stuvik's long waited Formula BMW test finally came and the young racer went down to Malaysia's famous sepang F1 Circuit again for the "date" with BMW instructors and evaluators on September 1-2.

The event was very professionally set up and managed, even with hospitality lounge and full catering for the parents, minders and managers that showed up. This also allowed good presentations from all the Formula BMW teams to present themselves and their services.

But, first and foremost this was about driving and learning more about this unique Formula car. The instructions were focused on both theoretical lessons and in-car training sessions. Initially with start/stop procedures, etc. up and down the fully closed off Sepang circuit. Continuing on with full track running on the Sepang North Track.

The first day saw the Malaysian clouds dark and heavy with continuous rain the whole day - perfect by Sandy's choosing and again he enjoyed sliding around the track in wet conditions.

Day two saw dry conditions and further North Track testing, with practice race starts, Safety Car formation, rolling starts, overtaking and all the race craft an aspiring F1 pilot needs to master.

Sandy thoroughly enjoyed the training and learnt a lot during these 2 days, his favorite exercise being the re-start after SC period, where he shoot up the grid on simulated restarts. Although Sandy has very limited testing at the Sepang circuit, he was consistently in the top 3 in all timed sessions.

All in all a very enjoyable race session, and now it will be a few weeks wait to hear BMW final verdict on the scholarship decision, combined with an ongoing effort to find enough sponsors to compete in the 2010 Formula BMW season.

A big thank you to BMW for putting on such an awesome event and the best of luck to all of the participants this year.

Sandy Nicholas Stuvik at 2009 Formula BMW Test
10 Aug. 09 Confirmation...

Sandy Stuvik preparing in a Formula BMW at Sepang F1 Circuit

Formula update

Sandy Nicholas Stuvik has now been given the official approval by the FIA to attend the upcoming Formula BMW Scholarship test and to compete in the 2010 season of the Formula BMW Asia Pacific series.

BMW has also confirmed Sandy's participation in the 2009 Formula BMW Scholarship test to be held at Sepang F1 Circuit on September 1-2, 2009.

In the meantime Sandy is preparing himself, both with a rigorous fitness program and by racing anything with 4 wheels. August 25-27 will again see Sandy testing in a Formula BMW at the invitation of Eurasia Motorsport Team at Sepang. The objective of this test will be to get to know a new team and further familiarization with the exiting Formula BMW car.

14 June 09 2009 Pro Car Race 2

Sandy on the Podium for the ProCar Series

ProCar Race 2...

Come Sunday morning, 15 minute warm-up and Sandy found the right set up for the Honda Jazz and bettered his time to a respectable 1:18:3. Then it was a long wait until the end of the afternoon for the race to start.

Sandy started the race from 7th overall and third in his class, he completed the race unscaved in 6th overall and 3rd in his class. Again he delivered a strong race, posting lap times down to 1:18:4 all the while thoroughly enjoying Bira Circuit and especially S1 and S2, his favorite set of corners. So, Sandy has now achieved his five required races for his FIA application and well so, with a double set of podiums in the last 2 races.

The team will now start planning ahead for Sandy's BMW scholarship application in September and further testing in Formula BMW soon.

13 June 09 2009 Pro Car Race

Sany racing the Pro Car series at Bira

Sany racing the Pro Car series at Bira
Sany racing the Pro Car series at Bira
Sany racing the Pro Car series at Bira

Nothing like short notice to spice things up...

Friday evening and Team Manager Thomas calls up with the following command: "Sandy must be at Bira tomorrow morning, he is racing" ! No arguments here, so the following morning Sandy was at the race track and saw the car he was to race, an almost new Honda Jazz. Excellent car, but taking a stock standard Honda One Make Race car up against the tuned Pro Car series cars... ? Oh well, all in our dear managers philosophy that one needs an uphill battle to learn and improve....

One practice session, then qualifying, then one race Saturday and another race Sunday was the program. The main interest for the team was to compare Sandy's times with the Honda Jazz race a few weeks ago to see how he would compare. The qualifying time for P1 was then 1:18:6.

First practice Sandy got his time down to 1:19:2, so not too far off on his first outing in a Jazz and more importantly, Sandy did not look like he was slowing anyone down on track either, more the other way around... And Sandy loved the little Honda car, "it almost drives itself" was his first remark.

Then came qualifying and only Sandy's second session in the car. He dropped his fastest time to 1:18:6... Hey, that would have put him on the front row for the Honda race !! Here though he qualified 3rd in his class (Group C) and 6th overall on the 14 car grid !

The race started shortly after and Sandy charged hard to keep up with the cars in front of him, but the power deficit was just too much on the straight and up the hill, so Sandy started trailing the lead cars after a few laps. There were however no other C class cars close behind him by then, so he went into cruise control mode and took the car safely home to a 3rd place and his first podium in cars.

Tomorrow will see a second Pro Car race and then it will be back to Formula cars again for Sandy.

13 June 09

Sandy on the cover of ScandAsia magazine

Sandy in ScandAsia Magazine
Sandy in ScandAsia Magazine

Sandy - the cover story...

Sandy in his racing quest found his way to the cover of ScandAsia Magazine and an article of his racing career, spanning from 4 years old and until now with 10 years of racing experience - and entering the world of Formula racing.

Thank you to ScandAsia for a very nice article. Check out Sandy's Media Gallery here.

18 May 09 Sandy first ever Touring Car Race

Sandy on the start grid for the Honda Racing Fest 2009

Sandy powering through the wet Bira Circuit, 2nd fastest in the ProCup in wet warm up...
Sandy Stuvik in his Honda Civic Race car
Sandy finds himself a resting space in his race car...
Three a breast for the start at Bira Circuit

Wow, what a weekend ! Finally, after much anticipation came Sandy's first weekend in a tin top. Thomas had organized the car, a well handling Honda Civic, fully set up in the Pizza Company Race Team livery. Honda gave permission for Sandy to enter the Honda Civic One Make Race series - or so the team thought...

Come Friday and qualifying time, the organizers had a change of mind and decided that Sandy could not join the Honda Civic class after all. Thanks to Team Manager Thomas’ quick thinking and considerable diplomatic skill’s, he instead got permission to enter Sandy into the ProCup – the fastest class! All well and done, a slight drawback maybe that Sandy’s car would be 140 kg overweight and approximately 180 BHP underpowered for this class…

Sandy set out on qualifying and managed to put himself into 19th out of 29 cars (9th in his class) with a time of 1:17:23, instantly gaining himself a lot of attention as the youngest driver on the ProCup grid.

Come Saturday morning and the track was still wet from heavy overnight rain and Sandy again showed how much he enjoys driving on a wet slippery racetrack, as he posted second fastest.

Then it was race time and if Sandy was nervous in front of his first race, he sure did not show any signs of it. Off the grid his 120 BHP Civic did not stand much of a chance against cars with up to 300 horses, but as soon as the track started twisting, he quickly caught up to others. On the second lap Sandy started overtaking, especially enjoying the slingshot technique out of S2, to get up on the inside in the Honda curve and then overtaking – just to be overtaken back again up the straight…

In the first race Sandy drove himself up from last to 8th in his class. Points earned. Then in race 2 he finished in 9th. Third race Sunday morning saw Sandy in 8th again and in the final race Sandy pulled out all the plugs and fought himself up to 6th in his class, with a best time of 1:16:60.

The funny thing though was that Sandy’s lap times was 1.2 seconds faster than the second placed car in the Honda Civic C class, where Sandy originally should have entered…

The objective for the weekend was to complete all 4 races unscaved and there was not even a scratch on the car after the weekend ! Sandy thoroughly enjoyed the races and can not wait to get himself into a race car again. A huge Thank You to The Pizza Company Race Team and especially Team Manager Thomas Raldorf for his untiring efforts for everyone in the team and our sponsors !

11 May 09 Sandy getting ready for next weekends Honda Race

Sandy chasing his mentor Thomas in his 550 BHP SuperCar at Bira, May 2009.

...and here "flying" S1.

Sandy was back again in the race seat in one of the Pizza Company Race Team's Honda Civic cars, this last weekend at Bira Circuit. Coached this time by his mentor of many years Thomas, the pair went flying low around the circuit with Sandy clocking up almost 100 laps. Thomas in his 550 BHP freshly tuned Subaru SuperCar led the way with Sandy chasing his line.

The team expect to field both Thomas (in Group B) and Sandy (in Group C) for next weekend's Honda Racing Fest at Bira Circuit. Sandy needs to compete in 5 National races in his build up for the 2010 Formula BMW Championship entry. Although Sandy's lap times were dropping well into the "competitive" zone, both he and the team have as a clear primary objective to finish all 4 races unscaved, rather then at top.

Only 1 day of practice in the car before Friday's action (Practice and Qualifying) will have to do and Sandy is very happy to have Thomas in the race field as well. Saturday will then see 2 races, followed by another 2 races on Sunday. Sandy can't wait for the race day to come...

Sandy at the Bira straight
14 Mar. 09 Sandy's pilgrimage
Sandy's pilgrimage, part 1
Back to Sandy's holy grail, again. The top picture was taken in Maranello in 2003 when Sandy was 8 years old, while the bottom was taken during the Karting World Finals in October 08, Sandy here 13 years old. The visit back to Ferrari was just as awe inspiring now as then...
Sandy's pilgrimage
9 Mar. 09 Sandy tests at Sepang F1 Circuit

After winning the 2008 Asian Junior Kart Championship, Sandy was offered a free testing day in Formula BMW by Peter Thompson from Meritus Racing Team. Sandy went to Sepang F1 Circuit on Tuesday March 3 for seat fitting and car set up. First thing Wednesday morning Sandy was again back on track and did his regular track walk around the superb Sepang circuit. Being early March, the track was blazingly hot, but Sandy was soon strapped into the Meritus Formula car and ready to go. Unfortunately the car developed starting problems and he had to miss the first of the four sessions.

Then midway into the second session an electrical problem was found and Sandy finally got onto the track. 2:20 was his best time in this session. Then after telemetry review with the team he got a full length 3rd session in which he got the time down to 2:16.

By now Sandy was starting to find his way around this very long track and could start to push. Into the forth and last session he got down to 2:14:7, but again the session was shortened due to a FIA inspection of the track. Sandy was a little despondent as he felt with some more track time he could have gotten his time considerably further down. Oh well, there will surely be more tests at Sepang.

Sandy and the team appreciate the kind gesture from Team Meritus in offering Sandy a test day with their team.

The team will now try to find a suitable training program through the year for Sandy to get more "seat time" in preparation for next season.


9 Mar. 09 The Pizza Company Formula BMW livery

The Pizza Company Race Team has set out the initial livery for Sandy's Formula BMW car, though the final version may end up slightly different, the team felt very comfortable with the below artist impression.

The Pizza Company Formula BMW livery


9 Mar. 09 First test in Formula BMW - Zhuhai Circuit China

The Pizza Company Race Team set out for Zhuhai and the first Formula BMW test, lead by team team manager Thomas who had arranged a 3 day testing session with ART Motorsport. Sandy was coached by Philippe Descombes who did an excellent job in getting Sandy comfortable in the car.

Day 1 came and after the initial seat set up Sandy was strapped into the cockpit and as soon as the track light went green he roared onto the beautiful Zhuhai Circuit. The team held their breath while Sandy went around his very first lap and watched with both pride and a fair bit of anxiety as Sandy hauled past the pits at well over 200 kph. There were 4 sessions and Sandy cut seconds of his lap times in every session, ending the day with a 1:46:5 as his best time.

Day 2 saw Sandy rested and having studied Philippe's comments overnight, he instantly went significantly faster. After each session he had long telemetry reviews and debriefings with Philippe. A further 2 seconds was shaved of the time and Sandy ended the second day on 1:44.2, now only a couple of seconds adrift from the best times the Formula BMW set at the track in 2007.

Day 3 was starting to take its toll, with blistered hands (from gear changing) and a probable information overload Sandy and Philippe concentrated on braking points, braking pressure and mid corner speed to smooth out Sandy's driving. He again posted a best lap of 1:44:2 and left China with a fantastically good feeling from his first Formula test. Sepang is now next, with a 1 day test in early March.


9 Mar. 09 2009 Year of Transition

After almost 9 years in karting, it is with mixed emotions Sandy now switches course and sets his sights on the next step - Junior Formula racing. This year Sandy will be testing and preparing himself physically for a debut in Formula BMW in 2010.

It will require a large commitment and 100% dedication to achieve this dream and the team will evaluate Sandy's performance as the year progress and then if all things go well select a competitive team to join for next season.

But, first things first, Sandy will start the year with coached testing sessions in Formula BMW at Zhuhai Circuit in China and Sepang F1 Circuit in Malaysia.


Sandy Nicholas Stuvik

...on the road to F1

Sandy in Formula Renault at Zhuhai Circuit October 2009Sandy in Formula Renault at Zhuhai Circuit October 2009Sandy Nicholas Stuvik in the pits at Sepang F1 Circuit August 2009Sandy Nicholas Stuvik racing through the rain at Sepang F1 Circuit August 2009Sandy after double podium in ProCar Race series at Bira, June 2009Sandy at the Honda Race Fest May 2009Sandy Stuvik pleasing the mediaSandy racing Honda Civic at Bira Circuit, May 2009Sandy testing Honda Civic May 2009Sandy flying "S1" at BiraSandy in Form ula BMW Sepang March 2009Sandy firing up in the pitlane at ZhuhaiSandy testing at Zhuhai Circuit, March 2009Sandy Nicholas Stuvik preping for 2008 SKT 5Sandy Nicholas StuvikSandy Nicholas Stuvik at the 2008 Nationals at Bira - Wet race!Sandy Nicholas Stuvik at 2007 SKT Round 3Sandy Stuvik racing at Khorat April 2007After 2nd place in 2007 Rok Junior ClassSandy Nicholas StuvikSandy Nicholas StuvikSandy in new helmetSandy's new Italkart Nov 2006Sandy racing BiraSandy at Bira, Round 5, National Championship 20062006 Second National Championship Race, another win for SandyMax Challenge 2005, Sandy lead the whole day!The long walk back from a broken kartSandy's helmet and mascot in 20042004 National Championship in Yamaha Class2004 National race in Khon Kaen, Sandy secured 2nd placeAn empty Vega tyre box is almost like a F1 cockpit....2003 practicing at KR2003 Wet weather practice at KR2003 practice at KR, early days in the Yamaha class2002 practice with a de tuned ICA enginePracticing into the night...2000 at age 4, already racing against the clock !2000 very early days in Sandy's racing career

Sandy in Karts 2000 - 2008